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Everyone relies on their air conditioning unit during those unbearably hot summer months. But like all machines, your air conditioning system relies on you, too. Central air conditioning systems and individual units need regular maintenance and repair to continue to function well.

Without regular maintenance, filters become dirty, coils become bent, and drains become clogged. If it’s not taken care of, it can result in damage to your air conditioning unit over time. What’s more, you’re going to pay huge amounts in energy bills without the benefit of a temperate home because poorly maintained air conditioning units.

In fact, inadequate maintenance is one of the most common causes of ac problems that end up requiring repairs from a technician. Additionally, allowing the system or unit to get dirty and forcing it to work overtime causes compressors and fans to fail far before their expiration date. You could end up paying for an expensive repair or even an ac replacement all because you failed to have the system cleaned regularly.

Many people don’t notice their air conditioners until they don’t work. But here, we’ll outline the costs of inefficient air conditioners, the most common problems with ac units, and how HVAC technicians are an important part of making your home more efficient.

The Hidden Costs of AC Problems

According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling make up approximately 48% of all the energy use in a typical home. Air conditioning alone makes up 6% of all the energy used in the United States every year.

If you factor in the intense heat in Texas and the demands on air conditioning systems in the summer, these figures may even be higher.

As you can see, a huge portion of your monthly energy budget goes to heating and cooling, so you want to make sure you’re using that budget as efficiently as possible. If you’re not, you could see something that’s already energy expensive become even more expensive.

Allowing your air conditioning system to run inefficiently because it’s dirty, old, or in need of repair may do more than failing to cool your house. It could also drive up your energy bills at the same time.

So, while maintaining your air conditioner may not seem like a major priority, the consequences of forgetting about it could be dire. Not only will you pay through the nose for a house that isn’t cool, but you could also run your air conditioner out of service years before a well-maintained system would need replacing.

Three Symptoms That Your AC Needs Repair

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner needs refrigerant to operate smoothly. If it’s low on refrigerant, then either it leaks or there wasn’t enough added when it was installed.

You can’t simply add more refrigerant if it’s leaking. In fact, it’s bad for the environment to do so because it will be released into the air.

If your refrigerant is low, call a technician to see if there is a leak.

Sensor Issues

The thermostat sensor in your air conditioner is found behind the control panel. It measures not the room temperature but the temperature of the air moving through the evaporative coil.

You might have a sensor problem if the air conditioner begins to behave strangely or if it cycles constantly.

The sensor needs to be moved back into place for it to begin working normally again.

Electronic Failures

The electrical connections in your act unit should be checked by a professional during a professional service call. If the wires begin to show signs of corrosion, it can lead to the early loss of the compressor or fan controls.

This can also happen when the air conditioner turns on and off too often, like when it behaves erratically because of sensor issues.

What Can an AC Service Near Me Do for My Home AC Unit?

A home AC repair service can come out to your house and perform all the maintenance and repairs that you’re unable to do.

A well-trained technician can:

  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Test for leaks of refrigerant
  • Remove free flowing refrigerant so it’s not released into the atmosphere
  • Check for leakage in your central ac system
  • Seal any leakage they find
  • Measure the airflow from the evaporator coil
  • Verify the correct sequence on the electrical controls
  • Inspect the electric terminals and apply non-conductive coatings
  • Check the belts and oil the motor
  • Assess the accuracy of the system’s thermostat

Our technicians include these services and more in an annual inspection that makes sure your air conditioning unit is running at an optimum level.

Maintenance and Prevention

The best way to put off major repairs is to put a maintenance program in place.

Here are a few of the things you can check in on and maintain on your own:

Maintenance and Prevention

The best way to put off major repairs is to put a maintenance program in place.

Here are a few of the things you can check in on and maintain on your own:

Air Conditioner Filters

The filter of the air condition needs to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

When a filter becomes dirty or clogged, it blocks the airflow from the system. It dramatically impacts the efficiency of the air conditioner because the whole system must work harder to expel the air. You may even notice the system lagging and turn on a higher setting, which only wastes efficiency and energy.

The Department of Energy says that a clean filter alone can lower your machines energy consumption by up to 15%.

Replace or clean your filter at least once every two months during the hotter months. If your house is dusty or you have pets, it’s better to replace it once a month.

Air Conditioner Coils

You can protect your air conditioner coils by installing clean filters on a regular basis and by minimizing the amount of dirt or debris around the condenser unit if it’s sitting outside. Be sure to sweep the area regularly.

Your evaporator coil should also be cleaned once a year. This is a task you can complete yourself, but it can also be done as part of a maintenance package available from a local ac repair service.

Coil Fins

The coils on your air conditioner have aluminum fins that are easily bent. If they’re bent, they might block the airflow through the coil.

These fins need to move back to their original position. If you’re familiar with your unit, you can do this with a tool known as a “fin comb.” If not, an ac repair technician can diagnose the problem and bend them back without a problem.

Condensate Drains

The condensate drains become clogged over time if they aren’t regularly maintained. When the drains become clogged, the air conditioning unit can’t reduce the level of humidity in our home. The result can cause discolored walls and floors because of the excess moisture and condensation.

You Need an AC Repair Service

Maintaining your HVAC system is the best way to prevent expensive repairs and keeping your energy costs down. Talk to us today to learn more about our prevention programs or schedule a repair.

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