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Clogged drains in your home are more than just a momentary inconvenience. Fortunately, our emergency plumbing team at Budget Home Services has been servicing a wide variety of household plumbing issues in the Houston, TX area for more than 20 years. Our team boasts a combined 75 years of management experience, which helps us ensure continued delivery of efficient and effective plumbing services.

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The Ashburn area is known for unusual items being found in drains. Whether it’s in the garage, under the stairs, in the attic or closet we can take care of it for you.

How Do Drains Become Clogged?

There are a variety of substances that can cause drains and pipes to clog. Outdoor drains are particularly subject to the effects of leaves and other natural debris, especially during the fall season. Many kitchen drains suffer the effects of excessive amounts of grease and fat being poured down them.

Shower drains are most commonly clogged by the accumulation of hair over time, but the effects of hair down shower drains is often compounded by the accumulation of dirt, debris, and soap scum. Toilet pipes will often clog with too much paper or when they are filled with foreign objects that should be disposed of in an alternative manner, such as cotton swabs, dental floss, and select feminine hygiene products. 

Dangers Of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains and pipes prevent your home’s plumbing systems from functioning properly. In order for your system to function in an optimal manner, water must be allowed to flow away from your home. When this isn’t occurring, the likelihood for stoppages resulting in nasty overflows increases dramatically. As you may expect, overflows will lead to the accumulation of unwanted odors in your home.

Few people realize that a proper functioning plumbing system actually prevents harmful sewer gas from entering your home. This gas not only smells incredibly foul, but it can also be quite dangerous. While it may be a worst-case scenario, clogged drains can allow excessive amounts of sewer gas to accumulate in your home. This gas is highly flammable and becomes lethal when ingested in large quantities. 

Why Clogged Drains Require Professional Service

Clearly clogged drains are not to be ignored, but many homeowners underestimate the difficulty of effectively clearing blocked drains and pipes. Of course, there are many chemicals and snake devices available today, but these solutions must be used properly if you wish to avoid further damage to your pipes. Chemicals or snake devices used improperly can actually lead to more extensive repairs down the line.

Snake devices are more easily employed by homeowners, but, in the worst-case scenario, can create so much damage that you’ll be forced to replace the entire affected drain system. On the other hand, professionals that possess the correct equipment for safe handling should only utilize acid and soda-based chemicals.

At Budget Home Services, we specialize in the safest and most effective techniques for clearing clogged drains and pipes. Our team has the experience and expertise to handle all your emergency plumbing needs in the most effective manner possible. If you’re dealing with lingering plumbing issues that you haven’t been able to correct on your own, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 713-230-8831 today!

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