PROJECT: Domestic water PEX distribution system

Date: July 10, 2017

Request From: Oak Forest / Houston, TX 77018 for repiping existing home

Client Request: Domestic water PEX distribution system


Re pipe with Pex Type B / Two-year labor warranty / 25-year manufacturer warranty

Locations / Destinations within the home where the pipe will be replaced:

Mr. P

We propose to perform the following services for the above address:

Jose our plumber plans to install complete domestic water PEX distribution system hot and cold

Jose also plans to install new water heater up to code along with re-pipe

Demo old galvanized piping in attic and in wall chase

Haul off demolished galvanized piping and dispose of from site

Install new Uponor PEX piping system throughout the home

This shall include the horizontal and lateral lines through the attic

This also will include the drops for each fixture hot and cold water

Installation of new angle stops at each individual fixtures

Total of fourteen new angle stops through out

Install two new hose bibs on exterior of the home

Install one new 40-gallon gas water heater in garage area

Water heater installation includes bringing everything up to code

One new pan under water heater

Install drip leg on the gas line

Bring natural gas to within the code parameter 18” from appliance

New natural gas shut off for water heater

Run temperature and pressure relief valve to exterior of home

Run water heater pan to the exterior of home

New water supply flexes at heater

New gas supply flexes at heater


Any drywall repair shall be done by others


Total investment value: $ 9,250.00

New angle stops and supply lines included with the whole house.


For this whole house repipe cost estimate some sheet rock will be removed. We will keep it as limited as possible. Replaced by others. All new angle stops come with horizontal and vertical repipes.

Domestic water PEX distribution system cost

Licenced and Insured, All Major Credit Cards Accepted