PROJECT: re-route existing washer and kitchen drain lines


At customer’s request, we propose to abandon existing washer and kitchen drain lines and re-route


Re-route two new 2” PVC drain lines from under house to existing sewer line

Abandon all existing sewer underneath house

Pull plumbing permit through City of Houston                                                      $   175.00

Perform thru wall at kitchen drain line for new 2” PVC line                                 $ 1,250.00

Perform thru wall at washer machine drain line with new p-trap                          $ 1,250.00

Trench approx. 97’ feet from new drain locations to existing sanitary sewer       $ 5,335.00

Install approx. 97’ of new 2” schedule 40 PVC drains                   (included in above price)

Perform static pressure test on all new lines to ensure all lines hold tight             (included)

Call for City of Houston Inspector to come and sign off on work (green tag)       (included)

Once we have green tag from city backfill all trenches above                              (included)

install brand new 40-gallon water heater                                                                ($1250.00)

Complete with 6-year tank and parts warranty                                             (included)

                                                                   TOTAL:  $ 9,260.00

Pictures of all progress will be provided


Sheet rock will be cut inside home by BHS and replaced by others

All penetrations, including floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs, unless specified above, will be done by others.  Any roofing, sheetrock, or electrical work, unless specified above, will be done by others.

Drain Lines

Install New Water Heater

hot water heater houston

Licenced and Insured, All Major Credit Cards Accepted