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Local repipe specialists

Local repipe specialists

Local repipe specialists

We know there are a variety of circumstances that can lead to needing to replacing home water pipes. Fire damage, frozen pipes, settling foundations, and landscaping accidents generate thousands of calls for our business each year. We know to make contact when they’re in desperate for a quality repair from a reputable team. We are glad to help, but we enjoy educating the public about what services and products are available to them. The plumbing industry has changed over the last few decades, thanks in large part to the introduction of PEX piping.

When you need repiping work, for residential or commercial properties, give us a call for a re-piping estimate and inspection.


Budget Home Services Plumbing is the go-to plumbing company for all things related to repiping your home or business. We celebrate our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. We average a 5-star rating in our many customer reviews. Besides all that, our Houston repiping team includes plumbing professionals.

Experienced, Seasoned Professionals – our plumbers are exhaustively trained, union-licensed plumbing professionals. There aren’t many companies that can make these claims. We take our professionalism seriously and our customer service reputation remains our top priority. You will be happy with the care and expertise you receive. We won’t rest until you are thrilled with our work.


Rust-Colored Water – rusty water tastes bad and stains — teeth, clothing, kitchen sinks, grout. You don’t need it. Over time, it can even deteriorate your hardware and appliances. Rusty water indicates buildup and we take care of the source of the problem. There are health risks associated with heavy metals in the drinking water. It can also cause leaks and floods if left untreated. Call us as soon as you notice any orange, brown, or red flowing from your faucets.

Low Water Pressure – Leaks and clogs are the biggest indicators that there are significant pipe problems in your home. Diminished water pressure is often the first sign that pipes need attention. If you are noticing a significant drop in water pressure, then call our number and we can get it resolved quickly.

Water Goes Cold – A hot shower punctuated by a sudden burst of cold water is most often followed by loud shouting/screaming. Toilet flushing or other faucets can wake the baby or cause the dogs to bark! The good news is that this problem goes away with our repiping service. Give us a ring and tell us that you need this to stop.

Leaks And Floods –Standing water around the foundation of your home is probably the first indicator that you need a plumber! A soaring water bill is likely the second clue. Call us when you see something out of the ordinary; we can save you quite a bit of a headache if we can get to it right away. If you find leaks or floods anywhere on your property, then call a plumber; you will be glad you did. Replacing pipes often solves these sorts of problems before they even begin, so recommendations to replace (instead of repair/patch) should be given adequate consideration.


Steel is “galvanized” to help with corrosion and rust resistance. It does help. But it doesn’t solve corrosion completely. Time and water contact will ultimately win the battle with the pipe’s interior surface. It’s like the Chinese proverb: in the battle of the sword who fights the sea, the sword makes its best slashings, but the sea will beat the blade in time. The piping of yesteryear will need replacement and we are the Houston-based company you can trust to do the re-piping job right the first time.

Copper pipes are made out of…you guessed it … copper. Their longevity is undisputed. They won’t fail because of age or corrosion. That said, they require joints and joints are the first places we have to inspect when we discover leaks. Copper piping is more time-consuming to install which adds to the invoice cost. Aside from the labor, the material itself is pricey. You may have heard about “copper thieves” in recent years — they wouldn’t be stealing copper pipes if they aren’t worth a few dollars!

Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) is a plastic material that has taken over the plumbing industry. The ease of installation and the resistance to scaling and pitting are huge benefits to this product. Oh, and it is relatively cheap when compared to other materials. We’ve found our customers like the cheaper cost for a strong and versatile material.

By now, you’ve probably heard your friends talking about the innovative plumbing technology — PEX piping. Cocktail parties, PTA meetings, and golf courses are buzzing about this product that is solving modern home construction needs. Well, maybe not “buzzing,” but this product is solving a variety of problems and gaining in popularity.
PEX piping isn’t new — it has a 20-year track record and the results are impressive. PEX is simply an acronym for something called “cross-linked polyethylene.” As you’ll soon see, PEX has distinct advantages to other products.

First — it’s flexible. PEX-a is the product with the most flexibility in the product line. Excellent shaping properties and thermal memory add to the product’s versatility — it can be placed around obstructions, or make angles that traditional piping cannot.
Second — it’s durable. It won’t ever pit. It doesn’t suffer the effects of corrosion. The PEX pipe also performs better under freezing conditions when compared to metal pipes.
Third — with 20 years in use, PEX is relatively time-tested. Younger plumbers have embraced this newer technology and enjoy working with it. It also utilizes “ProPEX” expansion fittings — amazingly, these joints improve with time and prevent leaks associated with older piping.

If they aren’t talking about the benefits of PEX at the next PTA meeting, perhaps you should be the one to bring it up! After all, talk of “expansion fittings” might just help cool everyone down if the meeting gets heated.

Benefits to PEX over older products (copper and pvc)

Flexible and leak resistant
No build-up, corrosion, pitting or scaling
Keeps more heat in hot-water lines
Diminishes condensation on cold-water lines
Expands (up to 3X in diameter) when in freezing temps
No dangerous chemicals or solvents required at installation
A lead-free system from inlet to faucet is now possible
NSF International certification for water purity
25-year limited warranty on PEX tubing and ProPEX fittings are standard

Houston pex installation & repair

PEX tubing joined by brass fittings (no lead) means your home’s water system is clean, safe, and healthy. Even better, no chemicals required during installation means a better install for the environment.

Meets national lead-free legislation standards
Exceeds the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
Environmentally friendly
25-year limited warranty on PEX tubing and ProPEX fittings is standard
Complete line of lead-free brass transition fittings, valves and wall boxes that carry the NSF us-pw-G marking for lead-free compliance
Comprehensive EP fitting offering that contains zero lead