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Generally, when the toilet backs up into your tub or shower the stoppage is between point A (the toilet) and B ( beyond the shower drain) and the water will take the path of least resistance. The shower drain is the lowest point in the home. So naturally, it will travel to that location and bubble up from that point. Three ways we can remedy this problem.Option 1) Run the sewer machine through the clean out from the exterior of you home, back towards the house and stoppage. Although this is the least recommended, due to possible damage if the sewer cable tries to come up through the porcelain of the toilet, this price is $ 249 Option 2) Pull toilet from the flange. As long as your home does not have a lead bend (PVC piping below grade) we can run the machine from here to get the stoppage. This cost is $ 249. Option 3) If your home does not have a clean out, we highly recommend one being installed. This price starts at $ 775.00. If you do not have clean out and do not have the resources to install one. We can run the sewer machine from the roof through the sanitary sewer vent pipe. This cost is $ 225 and these are ballpark prices. We can come out and give you a free hard bid/estimate.

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