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Date: May 16th, 2017

Request From: The Heights, Houston, TX 77005 for replacing sewer line

Client Request: Replace Sewer Line


After discussing the needs of the client and the existing layout of the home, inspecting existing plumbing below pier and beam locations currently experiencing sewer issues and other symptoms of needing a new sewer line, we discovered the home has settled and has lost its proper functionality. We suggest the following:

Budget Home Services proposes to do the following sewer and under slab work at above address according to the repairs and specifications detailed below:


We plan on performing digging and excavation of 1/2 tunnel in some locations under pier and beam home to get access and proper grading. We will break out and remove existing tile and concrete at and around the porch area. We will remove the stairway as well. Then we will tunnel underneath existing building structure and tie in a new complete drainage system to city sewer main.

Dig access holes: Two or three locations $1,250.00

Dig approx 60’ of 1/2 tunnel run 4” PVC on clevis hangers @ $100 per ft  $ 6,000.00

Tie in two bathrooms and one kitchen at pier and beam house using completely new piping throughout. And we will break out existing tile and concrete 15’ for access below grade for new plumbing system $4,875.00

Excavate the 15’ and lay new 4” PVC  (Included)

Dig two access holes mentioned above for garage repairs and tie-ins (Included)

Tunnel approx. 25’ underneath garage apt tie in washer line and riser stack $6,250.00

Install new 25’ of schedule 40 PVC below garage (Included)

Install test tee before city tie in. Perform static pressure test to ensure no leaks (Included)

Call for city inspections. Once we have a green tag cover up all trenches (Included)

Permit, Inspection $400.00                                                                                            

TOTAL: $ 18,775.00

Pictures of all progress will be provided to customer

In order to start work, we will process 50% of total to secure material needed for sewer repair

Upon completing the job, the remaining half will be due.


Any tile work and landscaping to be done by others

All penetrations, including floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs, unless specified above, will be done by others.  Any roofing, sheetrock, or electrical work, unless specified above, will be done by others.


Not responsible for sheet rock replacement or paint

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